With ExcellentLife software solutions, health becomes affordable again and absenteeism will decrease

  • Increase employee autonomy and self-development
  • Real-time insights in sustainable employability and absenteeism
  • Plug and play without additional administrative burdens
  • Userfriendly and affordable
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What is ExcellentLife?

ExcellentLife offers employees at any moment a helping hand towards autonomy and self-development. The unique platform covers the first 10% of each E-health line. This is often the missing part for many (health & care) providers. As a result, we remove barriers and increase the autonomy of the user. As a result, we have between 50 and 70% active users. We reinforce this with concrete, real-time data that makes behavior transparent, without having to intervene.

In this way we are the enabler for managing absenteeism and employability. Because ExcellentLife supports existing programs by bundling them and offering them in the right place in the e-health line, this not only increases the efficiency of existing programs, but also makes them more user-friendly.

More about the solutions of ExcellentLife

Real-time insight in sustainable employability and absenteeism

At a time when privacy and (online) security play a prominent role, ExcellentLife provides (anonymous) insight by measuring what is really going on.

Trends and developments can be measured by means of data to find out the real pain points in the workplace. This makes it possible to intervene in a targeted manner before employees are absent. This ensures, among other things, (more) understanding in the workplace, a better working atmosphere, more results and ultimately more happiness at work.

Start instantly

Start right away without any pre-questionnaires. Direct tailor-made solution.


Choose what you need to offer all employees (anonymous) sustainable employability when they want/need it.


With ExcellentLife, you give employees control back over their own health – simply via their smartphone.

For whom?
Give everyone an ExcellentLife

Whether you run an occupational health and safety service, are an employer who wants the best for its employees or an HR professional who wants insight into health, ExcellentLife offers a solution.

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 50% +

Active users

Give people what they need.



Users rate our services
4,6 out of 5



Less absenteeism and more happiness at work ensures a high return.


More affordable

Do more with the same budget.

Affordable Health

Affordable health is a right for everyone and the mission of ExcellentLife.

That is why we are a proud partner of Nederlandbetaalbaargezond

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