The benefits of an ExcellentLife

Stay ahead of preventable absenteeism

No pre-questionnaires, direct tailor-made solutions, accessible to everyone

Prevent absenteeism

Remove barriers and give your employees tailor-made solutions without intervention, while keeping the overview

Insight into complaints and trends

The backoffice provides 24/7 insight into current trends and complaints.In addition, you can supplement this with your own questions from the research module.

Data driven

The data from using the app can be used to remove bottlenecks or make improvements

Reach everyone

With this platform it's possible to anonymously offer all employees sustainable employability when they want/need it

Your own health market

Every employee can use and find every (health) solution you offer as a company. This ensures autonomy of health for every employee within the organisation.

Free choice in professional/partner 

Put the professionals or programs of your choice behind the button

" ExcellentLife has proactively and adequately offered DSV employees the right solutions for their physical and mental challenges within our working environment. Due to this approach, absenteeism has been limited or completely prevented.

This is to the great satisfaction of our colleagues and DSV."

Esmee Fennema

HR Businesspartner DSV

“ The installation and use are simple and easy to do at home. The result was surprisingly good. After 1 session the pain was a lot less. This motivated me to put together a program within the platform that fits my recurring complaints. The fact that I have a tool in my hands that I can immediately consult to relieve my pain in case of acute complaints is a godsend and reassuring for me.

In addition to my personal motivation, I see a lot of benefit for the company under the guise of “prevention is better than cure”. My experience is that people often walk around too long with complaints before seeking help. ExcellentLife offers an excellent solution for this.”

Roger Scholtes

CEO AgriDirect

" The ExcellentLife platform always offers a tailor-made solution that works quickly for the employee in question. Both mentally and physically, customized solutions are offered. That customization creates a relaxed and successful feeling.

Leon Lommen

CEO Duodent
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