The benefits of an ExcellentLife

Stay ahead of preventable absenteeism

When health is affordable, sick leave decreases

No questionnaires before using the app, Instant tailored solutions, accessible to everyone

Prevent absenteeism

Remove barriers and give your employees tailor-made solutions without intervention, while keeping the overview

Insight into complaints and trends

The backoffice provides 24/7 insight into current trends and complaints.In addition, you can supplement this with your own questions from the research module.

Data driven

The data from using the app can be used to remove bottlenecks or make improvements

Reach everyone

With this platform it's possible to anonymously offer all employees sustainable employability when they want/need it

Your own health market

Every employee can use and find every (health) solution you offer as a company. This ensures autonomy of health for every employee within the organisation.

Free choice in professional/partner 

Put the professionals or programs of your choice behind the button

Starting to solve = Starting to prevent

In these times, when a lot is asked of people (both physically and mentally), it’s good to solve obstacles immediately. If this doesn’t happen these obstacles will eventually become problems. In other words, before we can prevent, we must first solve the existing problems and obstacles.

ExcellentLife believes that everyone is able to make or keep themselves healthy, when the solution is offered in an accessible, cheap and fast way.

The ExcellentLife program always offers tailor-made solutions that work for the employee that needs it. They offer these solutions both mentally and physically. That level of customization ensures a relaxed and successful feeling.

Leon Lommen (owner)

ExcellentLife has proactively and adequately provided DSV employees with the right solutions for their physical and mental challenges within out working environment. This approach minimizes or eliminates absenteeism due to illness.

This to the great satisfaction of our colleagues and DSV.

Esmee Fennema (HR business partner)

Healthcare needs to change

When low key health solutions are available to every employee and becomes affordable for every employer, absenteeism will always decrease.

ExcellentLife supports this with a platform that makes it possible to promote autonomy and also provides insight into the problems and trends that occur (real time). By working innovatively with (anonymous) data, it’s possible to positively improve the current cost structure of health (both preventive and remedial). This makes it possible for every company and every employee to work on promoting health at an affordable rate for everyone. Ultimately, this will increase the self-reliance of employees and reduce the pressure on the labor market and healthcare.

This new way of thinking and working requires progressive professionals, entrepreneurs, employers and employees.


Good Health is priceless

The saying goes that good health is priceless, but it was once meant to mean something else. Due to the ever-increasing fixed costs (care, energy, etc.) and the labor marketed shortage, good health is ultimately becoming unaffordable.

ExcellentLife offers its solutions for rates that are affordable for everyone. This makes it possible to gain insight into the actual trends and problems within the organization with a small percentage of the entire health budget (often 1-3%). As a result, the employer is no longer dependent on market trends and targeted interventions can be purchased with a (smaller part) of the remaining budget.

With just a small decrease in absenteeism (0,31% of the average absenteeism) you already have a return on investment of more than 2300%.

"I have been using the ExcellentLife platform for a few weeks now,

Installation of the app is easy and the corresponding ball arrived quickly. Use of the app is simple and easy to perform at home. The result was surprisingly good. After 1 session I noticed that my pain was a lot less than it was before. This motivated me to put together a program myself within the platform that suits my recurring complaints. The fact that I have a tool at my disposal in case of acute complaints that I can consult immediately to relieve my pain is a solution and reassuring for me.

In addition to my personal motivation, I see a lot of benefit for the company under the guise of prevention is better than cure. My experience is that people neglect complaints for too long before calling for help. ExcellentLife offers an excellent solution for this.

Roger Scholtes (CEO)

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