#7 Too much choice is stressful

As an organization, you can embrace sustainable employability in many different ways. The choice for the employee is often large. However, having a wide choice can also be disadvantageous.

This can be explained well with the following example:

When you walk into an ice cream shop with a child and say to the child: “you can choose anything” Chances are you will never be able to meet the expectations of the child or the quality will not have met the requirements afterwards.

A better alternative would be to frame the choice but not take it away: “you can have an ice cream cone with 2 scoops, you can choose which flavor”.  As a result, the choice remains and the result will meet the expectations.

When there is a framed offer, it becomes easier for the employee to make the right and most suitable choice for their own situation. The expectations will also be clear in advance and the result will meet these expectations.

When you, as an employer, provide a framed offer in which the employee remains in control, sustainable employability becomes a consequence of your policy.

Less overchoice and more sustainable employability

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#6 Sustainable behavioral change

Society has changed enormously after the Covid-19 period. This means that adjustments are needed in many places. However, people often think that hard work leads to a better future. It's save to say, the Covid-19 period has also made us realize that the present is also important. And that investments may also be made in the well-being of the moment, the quality of life.

Because more attention is paid to the moment, it's important to give employees a voice and an opportunity to improve themselves. By focusing on self-management and the quality of work, the gap that is often experienced by the employee with regard to management will be closed.

Good leadership comes from insight, direction and understanding. This in combination with strengthening the autonomy (from the perspective) of the employee leads to sustainable behavioral change.

#5 Unbiased leadership

Leadership is more than just leading your staff, a real leader takes care of his people, a real leader eats last.

We believe that a great leader should not make any distinctions when it comes to health. You should be able to act on the basis of real-time data-driven insights to always act accordingly, and to give all employees exactly what they need in an honest way. Through our data-driven platform you select the best solutions for sustainable employability of all your employees,

How? By first activating and supporting your team(s) in removing all barriers to improve their own health. When you immediately get the insights you need, it's possible to give an appropriate follow-up without exclusion.

Due to the plug and play design of the platform, you can start immediately without additional administrative burdens. By increasing the autonomy of employees and in concrete insights, the ExcellentLife platform saves time in the short term.

Let your leadership shine by putting the employees behind the wheel.

I want to offer good health to everyone.

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#4 What is hurting you?

How much have you spent on your or your employees “health” in the past year? And what are you still doing with these interventions at the moment? Often we see that we start to act the moment we start to experience discomfort. As a result, we make (too) impulsive choices and let ourselves be guided by trends instead of data.

Everyone knows that vital employees are the success factor of a healthy company. And ExcellentLife is happy to help you on your way! We contribute to sustainable employability, more fun in the workplace and less absenteeism.

#3 Plug & Play health intervention

Health interventions often provide insight in snapshots. The resulting data gives a diverse picture of your organization depending on the time of measurement. In addition, employees are missing on the work floor.

Tailor-made solutions with real-time insight offer a solution, so you don't have to go along with social trends, but can respond to what is happening in your workplace. A data-driven policy that is transparent at group level makes it possible to immediately increase the happiness of your employees without taking any extra steps.

In addition, we will completely set up your personal online environment so that you can make an immediate impact without compromise in your working method. Put your confidant, programs or (care) partners behind the button and guarantee the health and sustainable employability of your employees.

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Want to know what your ROI on health can be?

#2 ROI on health

Health trends come and go. But what have these trends brought you recently? In addition, many initiatives often widen the gap between the employee and management.

ExcellentLife is different. We close the gap by offering solutions for the employee and insight for the employer. But what does ExcellentLife actually give you? In addition to sustainable employability, decreasing absenteeism and the confidence of your employees, we can also give you a hard ROI calculation.

With a decrease of only 0.3% compared to the average absenteeism due to illness in the Netherlands (from 5.4% to 5.1%), ExcellentLife provides an ROI of 2360%. This sounds too good to be true, but the truth is that affordable health isn't as impossible as it may sound.

#1 Health must remain affordable!

The saying goes that health is priceless, but this once meant something else. Due to the ever-increasing fixed costs (care, energy, etc.) and the tight labor market, health eventually becomes truly unaffordable.
ExcellentLife supports innovative parties with a platform that makes it possible to promote self-management and also provides insight into the issues that play a role (in real time). By working innovatively with (anonymous) data, it's possible to positively improve the current cost structure of health (both preventive and remedial).

How do you keep health affordable?