The ExcellentLife platform

Affordable and scalable tailor-made solutions

Software to get better at feeling good

The ExcellentLife platform is built on the principle of give and take. We offer users of the platform tailor-made solutions that can be used at any time and place. In addition, it is possible, if necessary, to switch directly with the right professional or to move on to the next level in E-Health. By doing so we provide the user with solutions, whereby we (anonymously) measure what happens to health on the workfloor.

By working data-driven, it is not necessary to let users waste a lot of their own time on (self) evaluation or questionnaires, before receiving tailor-made solutions. This ensures that users can solve their own problems and that everyone can improve themselves both remedially and preventively.

The base module

The base module provides solutions that users can use themselves to better deal with or recover from problems and obstacles on both a physical and mental level. It is good to realize how different aspects have an impact on the capacity and the way in which you can take care of your body and mind. In this way, users can distribute their energy more effectively to get through the day more productively.

Problems are made transparent by using tests and solutions for these problems are offered in an accessible way.

At the same time, the possibility is offered to add your solutions to your own profile. Within your own profile you can view, perform and manage your own exercises.

The benefits for each stakeholder

1. The user

The base module gives the user solutions to his/her "daily" problems and (when necessary) the possibility to contact the right professional anytime and anywhere.

2. The company

The company can implement a data-driven policy without having to make changes to the current working method. In addition, the remedial/
preventive nature of the module offers solutions to the employee before they stay home on sick leave and thus the company can stay ahead of preventable absenteeism.

Research/survey module

With this module it is possible to offer a survey in a new, cheaper and user-friendly way.


1. In-depth questions
Ask questions that matter, linked to the digital fingerprint, and gain insight into what is really going on within your company.

2. Measure in short cyclical periods
Have employees answer questions several times during the year to measure progress, recognize trends and underlying connections and gain insight.

Within this module, the licensee can ask up to 6 questions per month or offer your own (validated) questionnaire in phases.

Additional benefits for each stakeholder

1. The User

The user-friendliness of the platform does not suffer from the questions that are asked. In addition, only an x number of questions may be asked, by doing so we avoid lengthy questionnaires. All questions that are asked can be answered using a 10-point scale (which is swipeable). In addition, much can be deduced from the data of the digital fingerprint, so that it is not necessary to ask for the obvious.

2. The company

The company can take advantage of the extra data collected because of the way the module is designed. It is attractive for the company to gain insight into trends and underlying relationships by measuring in short cyclic intervals at a low price.